To Kill A Mockingbird Credo Analysis

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Do you believe in inner beauty? I do that is why I chose it’s on the inside that counts to be my credo. It means that you should not judge people based off of appearance or rumors alone and that you should get to know someone or at least give them a chance before you judge them. It is a very personal thing to me as I have had people judge me on multiple occasions in the past and I wish they would at least have given me a chance before they judged me. The texts I will be covering to support this credo are The Nest and To Kill A Mockingbird. My first text To Kill a Mockingbird is a very big part in proving it’s on the inside that counts as they’re multiple characters such as Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. Boo Radley is an example as there were many bad rumors going on about him…show more content…
Boo Radley put a blanket over Scout when she was cold and there was a fire going on at Miss Maudie’s place. The other example Tom Robinson can also be proven as a good person. Everyone thought he was guilty of raping Mayella Ewell as she had accused him and there was no way he could be innocent as he was a Negro and people pretty much saw Negroes as scum. However the evidence such as the fact that Mayella was beaten on the left side of her face while Tom’s left arm is mangled so he can’t use it and there’s no way he could've used his arm to beat her. Atticus has a very strong argument that Tom Robinson was innocent and that he was actually a good person on the inside who would never hurt a fly. My other text I will be covering is the nest as there is a character in it named Paul and his friend Jimmy wants to go on a hike with Paul but Jimmy’s parents don’t want him to go on the hike as there is many bad rumors about him considering the fact that he was sent to reform school for doing one bad
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