To Kill A Mockingbird Dialectical Journal Essay

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I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I am not page 42. So far, this book is about a girl named Scout and her brother Jem who live in Maycomb, Alabama. They live with their maid, Calpurnia, and their father, Atticus. In this LAP I will be predicting and evaluating. G - I predict the kids will not meet Boo Radley Y - he has not been seen R - windows and doors are always closed R - never see them outside Y - the kids are scared of him R - rumors R - his appearance G - For these reasons I believe they will not meet Boo. I am predicting that the kids will not meet Boo Radley. The first reason I believe this is because he has not been seen. In the novel, Harper writes that the windows and doors at the Radleys house are always closed. The Radleys are never seen out and about in the town, they even do church at their house. Another reason I believe this is because the kids are scared of them. Since they live in a small town, rumors spread quick. Maycombs citizens have heard that when he was 33, Boo stabbed his father in the leg with a…show more content…
The book gives many details about both his attitude and his appearance. Burris’s appearance could be compared to that of a homeless person. Burris comes from a poor family, so he does not get to bathe or get clean clothes very often. In chapter 3, a rat crawls out of Burris’s hair and acts like it is not a big deal. After that, the book describes him picking “cooties” out of his hair. Scout describes him as the filthiest human she had ever seen. The skin on his neck was gray, his hands were rusty and his nails were black. He does not have the best attitude either. Miss Caroline asks him to sit down and he refuses. Miss Caroline then tells him he needs to go home, and he replies with a series of insults. Burris waits until he is sure she is crying to leave the room. The books gives a lot of details about Burris and his
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