To Kill A Mockingbird Effect On Society

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Thesis: To Kill a Mockingbird shows that racism controls people’s lives in a way that makes people think negatively. In the current world, that same topic has an influence in areas like politics while creating more social issues impacting the world to which is undesirable for the future. With what is present in the book, many of the characters are controlled by the actions and words that reside with racism affecting their conscience to react negatively. This certain behavior can be seen through the trial of Tom Robinson while interviewing with Mayella Ewell. Mayella claims to the court that Tom “took advantage of [her]” even though she knows the truth while defending herself by stating that it was Tom (251). Mayella’s claim also gets backed …show more content…

History led human beings to think that Negroes or any other race that are weird, immoral, or corrupt. Therefore, the most likely thing that we do is to isolate them, make fun of them, or think of them in any negative way. Another way that race controls the characters in the book is when Tom Robinson was shot “dead” trying to escape from prison (315). His actions, feelings, and the comments of what society said about him because he is black has brought out his conscience to believe that being in prison is not right. Tom brought to the conclusion that he would attempt an escape. Even though there are other feelings and topics that can control an individual, the book shows that race is the most impactful out of the many topics shown through the feelings, actions, and words the characters bring from their conscience. As racism controls the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird, the same effect applies to the real world. In the real world, the topic of racism is currently affecting the stereotypes of Muslims, African …show more content…

We have reached the point where we have this control influencing our government, our politics, and our social life. And this presence was present even when we weren’t born where the “evil assumption” clearly stands (273). As humans, we still have a chance to get rid of racism so we can live a better life compared to our ancestors and to give a better future to all generations. Instead of siding to a specific race, can resist ourselves to not be bias and see the true facts changing racial profiling to normal profiling and trying to see how harmful some acts can be to the point where that individual faces charges. So, we can change what they did and what we currently have to change the

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