To Kill A Mockingbird Equality Quotes

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Donald Trump once said, “sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” Atticus Finch fights a battle against Maycomb County and although he knows that he will not win he brings Maycomb a step closer to justice. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee utilizes characters, setting, and conflicts in order to illustrate Aunt Alexandra’s acceptance of Scout, Francis ‘ prejudice, and Atticus’ urge for equality. The acceptance theme is portrayed by Calpurnia’s church, Aunt Alexandra, and by the children's understanding of Calpurnia. Calpurnia's church was for colored people only, but Jem and Scout were wholeheartedly welcome by everyone except Lola who thought that Calpurnia “ain’t got no business bringing chillon here”. The…show more content…
When Walter Cunningham is welcomed into the Finches house for dinner he does something unheard of – he drowns his food in syrup. Insert quote here. Calpurnia proves that no matter how rich, poor, young, old, tall, short, fat or skinny you are everybody is equal Atticus's house. California explains to scout that a guest is company and that company can act however they want. Atticus's house is mirrored by how he teaches his children. He teaches them to be fair and to consider everyone's point of view. He makes sure that everyone knows that they have a voice. Atticus is characterized as an angel. He helps make them open their eyes the quality and has a view that most of the characters you're not. And two, here. Atticus views everyone is equal which is seen as good or bad. He expects the same from everyone and has high expectations for his kids. Although Atticus couldn't Tom proved innocent he still brought make him a step closer to equal 80 and justice. Before the jury ghost to make a decision Atticus gives a jury a speech about equality, would you use this to tip the scale and times direction. Insert quote here. This proves the Atticus things equality is not fair and the only place a man is equal to one another is at court. His speech is hard-hitting and exemplifies the equality that he wants. He knows that not everyone will never be completely equal but he wants everyone to look through each other's eyes. In conclusion, equality is used to help exemplify how the town of May come reacts to change. Into kilo Mockingbird, Harper Lee utilizes characters settings and conflicts in order to illustrate Alexandra's acceptance of scout, Francis' prejudice and Atticus' urge for
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