To Kill A Mockingbird Essay: Good Vs. Evil

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Justice. The principle of right vs wrong. Good vs evil. But everyone views justice differently, absolute justice cannot exist in such a divided world as this one. The human race will seek, deceive, and destroy anything to achieve their goals. The hero, in it’s simplest form as showed in comic books, just does not exist. The hero must do anything necessary to achieve justice, in whatever form that may occur. The ends justify the means. If a goal matters enough, any method of achieving it is acceptable. Justice cannot prevail without seemingly unjust methods. I know from experience that I have to work extremely hard in order to achieve a lofty goal and still do ‘the right thing’. I have always lived by the book, and as an Eagle Scout…show more content…
Merciless, cold blooded, cutthroats running around scamming people left and right to get their way. Not exactly what I’m talking about here. I’m not saying that people should rip-off and blackmail everyone they meet. If people really want to change the world, they have to do it in unconventional ways. Not evil for the sake of evil, but evil for the sake of goodness. Steve Jobs ousted his co-founder and best friend from his company, but reshaped everything we know about personal computers and technology. Mark Zuckerberg stole the Facebook idea from somebody and didn’t care, as long as he won in the end. But he brought billions of people together. The Invasion of D-Day killed almost half a million young men, but without it Germany would have built weapons of mass destruction, and the world would live under fascist rule. Machiavelli insists that the people will always support a leader when he benefits them, “but when you need them, they turn on you.” A leader needs to do whatever necessary. Without the ruthlessness of the men who have the courage to not care would other people think the world as we not it would not exist. As long as the end goal lives up to people’s ‘just’ standards, and makes the world a better place, who
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