To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: Courage

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Courage Within To Kill A Mockingbird Throughout the story, Jem and Scout go around and learn several different people showing courage. In Harper Lee’s story, To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem and Scout find courage with Mrs. Dubose fighting to escape her addiction. Also, they see it with Boo Radley coming out of his house. Finally, they find courage through Atticus taking the case of Tom Robinson. Jem and Scout discover courage through Boo Radley coming out of his house, Mrs. Dubose trying to get off of her addiction, and Atticus fighting the case for Tom Robinson. During the novel, they find courage with Boo Radley coming out of his house. After Scout had taken Mr. Arthur home, she said, “One time he said you never really know a man until you stand…show more content…
Whenever Jem finds out Atticus had taken the case he asked, “‘If you shouldn’t be defendin’ him, then why are you doin’ it?’” “‘... if I didn’t I couldn’t hold up my head in town, I couldn’t represent this county in the legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again’”(100). This explains that Atticus needs to take the case or else he would feel like a disgrace to the entire town and his children. Also, when Jem asked if he was going to win, Atticus said, “Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win”(101). This means that Atticus will try his hardest to win even if he knows he won’t. Lastly, during the trial and questioning, Atticus asks Mayella Ewell, “‘Do you love your father, Miss Mayella?’ was his next. ‘Love him, whatcha mean?’ ‘I mean, is he good to you, is he easy to get along with?’ ‘He does tollable, ‘cept when--’”(245). This shows that he has the courage and bravery to try his best to inflict doubt into the trial. He wants to make the jury believe that Tom Robinson is not guilty and allow Mayella Ewell to trip herself into saying another story than the one she’s been
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