To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Scarlet Ibis Analysis Rough Draft

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Scarlet ibis analysis rough draft Imagine you have a sibling that can’t do anything with you because of a disability he has. Brother treated doodle poorly because he was embarrassed of his disability and wanted to get him fixed so doodle was less embarrassing to brother .Brother is not a good brother because he was embarrassed of his own brother and he treated him poorly because of something doodle couldn’t help. Brother made doodle do things he shouldn’t be able to. doodle isn’t supposed to walk but brother wants to prove everybody wrong. “I can’t walk, brother’ he said. ‘Who says so?’ I demanded” (Hurst 3). When doodle was born they said it was really likely doodle wasn’t gonna make it because of weak bones and heart. But brother still demanded
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