To Kill A Mockingbird Family Quotes

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Vanessa Rodriguez Mrs. Muñoz-Matheny English 9, Period 1 12 May 2016 Family Families will always grow together, like a bouquet of flowers. In the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Harper Lee clarifies the importance of a supportive family. Harper Lee walks around and clears up that having a supportive family is significant in the Maycomb town. Lee highlights the Finch family relationships and supplies a variety of quotes to prove their devoted bond with each other. A theme in the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ is that family is priceless and worthy to rescue from danger, and this theme connects with real life crisis in the modern world today. To begin with, Atticus Finch is a magnificent father to his son and daughter, Jem and Scout.…show more content…
Heroic parents are thriving and they’re a handful of articles that show perfect examples of parenting and rescuing. First, the Gene Porter article. Gene Porter is a mother and has a son named Harold. Harold fell into a well outside their home. Harold’s three-year-old sister screamed for help. Gene was puzzled by the sounds, but ran quickly. Gene arrived at the scene and she saw her child, ten feet down, holding himself up just above the surface of the seven-foot-deep water. Gene immediately went in after him, balancing on a plank about six feet down, and used all her strength to swing down and get Harold by the hand. Luckily, Harold was saved by his brave mother. Second, the Melissa Harvey article. The Harvey home in Lumberton, Texas, went into flames in 2010. Melissa ran outside with her six-year-old, but fastly realized that her two oldest children were still trapped inside. So, braving the inferno, she went back for her thirteen-year-old and eleven-year-old. The Harvey family lost everything in the fire, except what mattered the most. All three children were safe and sound, thankfully for their courageous mother, Melissa. Third, the Nikki Bradshaw Carpenter article. In April 2010, devastating tornadoes struck seventeen counties in Mississippi. When one came barreling through Yazoo City, Nikki knew she had to protect her kids. The thirty-year-old mom placed a mattress over her three small sons and planted herself on top of it to shield them as the house came down
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