To Kill A Mockingbird Figurative Language Essay

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“You’ll never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view.” To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee follow the story of a little girl Scout and her older brother Jem growing up in a little town down South. The protagonist,Scout has many of coming of age experience throughout the book. One of the biggest ones was when she decided to put herself in boo radleys shoe and look at things his way.Scouts coming of age developed when she finds that boo radley was a nice man who just minds his own business through irony,flashback, and figurative language. The first literary element in this paragraph is Ironic,Scout and Boo Radley are both in Jem's bed room.Boo drifted from the corner of the room where he stood there with his chin up,peering from a distance at Jem.I took him by the hand, a hand surprisingly warm for its whiteness. I tugged him a little, and he allowed me to lead him to Jem’s bed.In this section Boo kinda seems as if had never seen a boy before so scout takes him by the hand and leds him to jem.This is just one of the ironic scenes threw out the book The first literary element in this paragraph is flashback. Her, jem and dill are outside of boo radley’s playing around.we came to the street on the corner and i wondered how many time dill had…show more content…
The irony throughout the story taught her that you’ll never really know how somebody is till you meet them.The flashback just helped her remember all the good times they had but also that maybe assuming how someone is isn't such a good idea.The figurative language shows how boo kinda seem scared and asked scout for a ride home.Atticus told scout that ‘you’ll never really know someone till you meet them”.I personally think that the world would be much better if people would take the time to know the person before they judge the
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