To Kill A Mockingbird Good And Evil Essay

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In the novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird ', the most paramount out of the large variety of messages proposed by Harper Lee is the ‘Coexistence of good and evil’, which is explored through the narrative conventions, characters and plot. The book is able to approach this statement by using the innocence of Scout and Jem 's childhood, in which they have not yet experienced the truth of the world. They are shown to assume that good people are good since they have never witnessed evil, and as soon as they have experienced it, they 're completely vulnerable to evil. However, they had yet to incorporate their understanding of the world. With 'Good and Evil ' being a theme of the novel, it includes subthemes, or ideas that propose the cause of the message. In this case, the subthemes includes the dangers that innocence is exposed to, such as prejudice and ignorance. The obvious portrayals of this are Tom Robinson and Arthur, Boo, Radley. Despite both being different…show more content…
Concluding the statement, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is a book by author Harper Lee, containing many content and morals which are to be explored. The book is set during the ‘Great Depression’ in Southern Alabama, in a county described to be very slow, wet and hot. The novel is narrated in a first-person perspective through an adult recounting her past as a 6 year old, who didn’t understand much of the things she observed around the adults. Her innocence as a child allowed her curiosity to ask any question and as an observer, she is able to describe the context enough for the readers to understand, even if the child Scout didn’t. The theme ‘coexistence of good and evil’ is one of the major messages in the book and is shown in every corner of the county. Where Bob Ewell has accused an innocent man, Tom, to a false rape case, Atticus comes to assist the coloured man by his own choice, for no reason other than to fight for justice. Where there is ‘evil’ in the place, the ‘good’
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