To Kill A Mockingbird Growing Up Analysis

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Everybody grows up but in different ways and they have different goals and things in life. Some people could have grown up by seeing something scary right in front of them. Others could have grown up by learning about it in a safer environment. Scout and Jem the main characters of To Kill A Mockingbird had to deal with lots of different things about growing up. In To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee teaches her readers that kids grow up in lots of ways including, learning from adults they trust and going through different situations in life. The kids look up to those adults and learn things they teach them and eventually mature from what they learned from the adults or different things they did that were hard. Kids grow up by doing more challenging…show more content…
That got Jem very mad and sad because he didn't think they would kill him even when he wasn't guilty. He thought they wouldn't say he was guilty because he had a view on his town that they were amazing people and they would do the right thing every time. When he saw Tom was pronounced guilty he figured out that maybe his town wasn't as good as he thought because they were racist and Jem grew up and figured out people might not seem like what they are. Other kids when they grow up see somethings as not fair which it isn't sometimes. That is what helps them grow up by seeing things as they really are. They grow up from that experience because when they thought something would happen like it should because it's the right thing to do and it doesn't it really helps them see real life. Like if the teacher took the kids toy but not another then he would start to see some things aren't fair. That could be a hard thing for kids to know that things aren't always fair which is how they could grow up. In To Kill A Mockingbird there are a lot of themes but one of the main ones was growing up. Scout and Jem grew up a lot from Mrs Dubose and from the trial and from Arthur. They grew up from a lot of different small and big events that changed their view on life. It's just like kids in real life and how they grow up from a bunch of events and
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