The Theme of Innocence in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

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Theme: Innocence
One of the themes presented in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is innocence. Innocence is one of the key elements which shape and connect the whole piece together. The title itself uncovers the importance of the innocence factor in the book. As Miss Maudie explains, mockingbirds represented innocence. For this reason “it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (Lee 119). Because they don’t do anything but “sing their hearts out for us” (Lee 119). In this world, there is still some purity, which is what the mockingbirds represent. Although the mockingbird symbolism is a core tool used to share the theme of candidness, it is possible to catch the motif on other occasions. Every time Scout and Jem talk about the Radley Place, or the
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The reader encounters symbolism in different occasions, an example being the mockingbirds representing the innocence. Another case where symbolism is present is the character of Mrs Dubose. Her addiction and her will to overcome it portrays Mrs Dubose as an epitome of courage in Atticus ' eyes. She symbolises the courage which the protagonists will need due to the trial of Tom Robinson in which Atticus is taking part of. To Kill a Mockingbird is divided into two parts. The first one has more to do with the introduction of the city and of the Radley family to the reader. The second part has more to do with the Tom Robinson trial. Atticus is the lawyer defending the defendant at the court, meaning that he and his family will automatically be labelled as “nigger-lovers” (Lee 110), which at the time didn’t have a positive connotation to it and was used as an insult. The story of Mrs Dubose comes right at the end of Part I, representing the courage which the reader and the protagonists need to face the events that are going to happen in Part II of the book. From that point onwards Mrs Dubose’s story will remind the protagonists that bravery isn’t “a man with a gun in his hand” (Lee 149) and will represent what real
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