To Kill A Mockingbird Jean Louise Quotes And Analysis

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“New people rarely went there to live. The same families married the same families until relationships were hopelessly entangled and the members of the community looked monotonously alike. Jean Louise, until the Second World War, was related by blood or marriage to nearly everybody in the town, but this was mild compared… (page 44)
Jean Louise, a girl from Maycomb County, Alabama, comes home to visit her father from New York. She describes her home as an inevitable place which will always be in her bones. Despite the close regard she has for her hometown she does not particularly like the homogenous landscape where everyone is the same, and everyone marries within the same groups, continuing a form of sameness throughout the town. This passage shows a general theme of the book surrounding the unchanged traditions and principles in Maycomb County, the main setting. This dynamic town represents a place where things never change and a place that Jean Louise views as “monotonous” or boring. This may be an important theme to analyze any the lack of change and progression in Maycomb in the society and culture, which would impact many relations within the community.
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She does this by describing him as, “born and bred in the South,” which conveys a feeling that O’Hanlon’s views are similar to that of other Southern people- sending a message from the plot overall and the way that Jean Louise views the perspectives and cultures of people in Maycomb County. His desire to uphold the “Southern way,” goes to show how Jean Louise despises his behavior and actions and helps the audience view the character in the same nature, as a negative person through a hateful and tense tone. This analysis and description through the eyes of Jean Louise helps create an understanding of the mentalities rampant in America, and how it prevents advancement and treating of all people as
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