To Kill A Mockingbird Jem Finch Character Traits

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All through out To Kill a Mockingbird Jean-Louise "Scout" Finch’s personality is very evident from the beginning to end. This make her very compelling and interesting character for the start of the story. Also, it seems to get her into trouble a lot more then she should but this adds charisma and life lessons to the story. Some aspect that scout portrays in her personality is courage, intellect,and a very tom boyish character.
One personality trait she seems to display in To Kill a Mockingbird is her intelligence. As she is excited about going to school she finds that everything isn't as it seems. In Scout's point of view in the story it reads “As I read the alphabet a faint line appeared between her eyebrows,she discovered I was literate. This shows that Scout is very intelligent for her age. But she also very aware of what's going on around her society wise. Not only in her own town but in other countries as well. This is shown between a conversation Scout and Jem have it says:
‘She hates Hitler a lot.’
‘What's wrong with that?’
‘Well she went on about how bad it was him treatin the Jews like that.Jem it's not right to persecute anybody is it.’(Lee 330-331)
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ONe action that displays this is when she gets into a fight with her cousin Francis. An example in text that shows this is “This time I split open my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth”(Lee 106). Even though Scout has this trait she does tend to draw unwanted attention to her other people like her father Atticus. Since in the story Atticus says “Don't pay any attention to her, Jack. Shes trying to test you out.”(Lee 104). This also lets the reader assume she is not afraid to say what's on her
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