To Kill A Mockingbird Jem's Evolution

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In the novel to kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the author reveals different aspects of southern society in the early 1930’s, where the Great Depression reigned, creating hate and empowering segregation of black communities. The story is based on the trial of a black folk, Tom Robinson, accused of raping a white women. He is defended by Atticus Finch, a lawyer in Maycomb County; father of Jem and Scout. The evolution of Jem into a world of injustice is clearly remarkable. Throughout the novel, he changes into a more mature and understanding body as he learns to live with different kind of people in multiple events. Boo Radley, his neighbor, Mrs. Dubose an old woman and morphine addict and black people, such as Tom Robinson, are taking…show more content…
Dubose, the old woman, morphine addict, takes part in Jem’s evolution. By staying for a month reading her books, Jem has gained patience and calm towards people having different opinion and viewpoint than him. One day, when Jem and Scout went by Mrs. Dubose’s, they started arguing with her. Jem angry, destroys her camellias. For a punition, he reads her books for a month. After a while, he learns the old woman’s death, and receives one of her camellia. Jem feels regretful of his previous act. Harper Lee writes, “He picked up the camellia […] fingering the wide petals.” (149). Jem is definitely feeling regretful. He feels bad for what he did, because after all, Mrs. Dubose had thought him to be patient when he was reading her books, and calm when she was talking to him. Jem is more thoughtful and prudent after staying close to the old women. He seems to take good care of the camellia “fingering the wide petals”, feeling “thankful” towards Mrs. Dubose, after learning values making him a grown and understanding man. Examples in the novel showing how much Mrs. Dubose had an impact on Jem’s evolution, is when he applies the values he had learned for staying one month by her side. For instance, when Aunt Alexandra, Atticus’ sister comes to live with the finch family, to “educate” the children, Jem keeps his calm even in moments where he disagrees with Scout. Jem says, “ ‘Scout try not to antagonize Aunty, hear?’ […].” (183). Here, Jem is with all his calm, telling Scout to be as good with her aunt. He does not fight her as he usually does, showing how patient he is know after being with Mrs. Dubose. Also, Jem shows how mature he has evolved, understanding his aunt goal to educate his sister. Generally, Mrs. Dubose had a big impact on Jem’s evolution on being more mature, thoughtful and
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