To Kill A Mockingbird Language Analysis

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Jem 's mom died and they didn 't dwell on it because Cal always was there as a mom, She loved the kids just as much as their actual mother loved them.
The power of words is a scary thing, think about it the saying a picture is worth a thousand words it says basically that words are powerful enough to explain the unseen.A matter of a few words can either get someone killed or save them. Mayella ewell said words that got tom hated even more, had the KKK go after him and etc. “ Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella ewell opened her mouth and screamed”(Lee,323). The simple words ‘ Tom raped me’ Affected Tom 's family and the black community 's lives. A lie can really affect someone and the world more than one thinks, a simple word alone won 't
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Atticus is a very understanding type of guy he makes sure everyone has a fair chance and equality , at least from his kids. “ ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view’ ‘ Sir?’ ‘— until you climb into his skin and walk around in it’” (Lee,39). This is a very powerful APL, Atticus always has such good things to say that people need to learn I this generation.You never truly understand what a person is going through until you not only walk around in their shoes but also climb into their skin. Many people cut one out just by their perspective but also we don 't take into consideration the possible right things because some don 't like to think another 's words are right. A simple ‘ how are you’ can have someone think you 're polite. Atticus no matter what always stood up for Boo, he knew him but his kids on the other hand did not so he told them they don 't know him or understand him they 've heard of everything about him but it was all wrong. The power of words is most important in this world, it is a do or don 't type of action.Mayella used her power of words and ruined someone 's family and caused them to die due to trying to save himself. Atticus used his power of words to help Tom and support
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