To Kill A Mockingbird Literary Analysis

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Very rarely do writers create a timeless piece of literature. Where they create a whole new world with the words they write and make the readers come back each time feeling like the first time they’ve entered those pages. Readers take the lessons embedded in each word of these masterpieces and find connections through their lives and communities. In Harper Lee’s breathtaking novel she conveys messages and characters that not only do people long to be but also can relate to no matter who they are. People such as Oprah Winfrey, Mary Badham, Lee Smith, Rick Bragg, and so many more icons in the literature of America have all been able to connect with the suffering and experiences all characters Harper Lee has been able to create. The way these characters such as Dill and Scout witness racial injustice and allow the readers to truly see things from other perspectives, thus being able to relate is amazing. Harper Lee does an amazing job at creating astoundingly clever characters with mind churning themes in 376 pages leaving anyone who sets their eyes on them in awe. The issues presented in To Kill A Mockingbird were extremely difficult to discuss in 1960 when the book was first published and still are today. This is what makes Harper Lee such an amazing writer; she decided to talk about an issue in a different dimension (which at that time seemed absurd). This is what makes this such a timeless piece of literature the world Harper Lee was able to go to make readers really
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