To Kill A Mockingbird Literary Analysis

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The aspects of To A Kill Mockingbird
Which aspects of the 1930’s inspired harper lee to write To Kill a Mockingbird? The 1930 's were troubled times, people suffered at that time with no money, food, and no shelter. During that time people bullied blacks for being slaves and called them names. Some issues that hurt people were losing their jobs in the 1930 's. Her inspiration to write To Kill a Mockingbird was the great depression which caused people to lose their jobs, about racism and how white people made fun of african americans, and how Joseph stalin help end the war. What did the Great Depression explain? It explains that the chain connection that happened in the great depression was why so many people went bankrupt in the 1930 's. Most of the banks lost all of their money making people who were apart of the bank lost a lot of money . When this happened all of the people lost their jobs and became broke because the owners didn’t have money to pay their workers. When people were losing a lot of money they were in debt and people started to lose their houses. Some people who were poor had to pay people that they owed money to with food from farmers . In Chicago in 1923 they explained the clothing manufacturers had agreed to implement an unemployment reserve system into which workers and their employers each contributed 1.5 percent of their weekly payroll. In the case of debit balances, however, stockbrokers did not extend credit. “The revolution in bank
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