To Kill A Mockingbird Love Story

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Harper Lee considers her book To Kill a Mockingbird, to be a love story.There are many times during this book that this unique love is shown. The love and respect of your fellow man is a recurrent theme throughout this novel. Like with the incident with Mrs. Dubose and another incident with Walter Cunningham.

When Scout beats up Walter Cunningham, Jem showed love to him by offering him to eat dinner with them as an apology for Scout beating him up and to show love and respect, knowing he was hungry, and knowing he would come. Jem gave to Walter without expecting anything in return. In doing this Jem showed love and respect to his fellow man. Giving to others without expecting anything in return shows love.

When Jem cut Mrs. Dubose's camellias Atticus shows love, by teaching Jem the lesson of respecting your fellow man. Atticus told Jem,"Jem she's old and ill,you can't hold her responsible for what she says and does."(Lee,173) ,it would have been human nature for Atticus to get mad at Mrs. Dubose for insulting him in front of his children, but truly shows love and forgives her for saying things that she doesn't understand herself.
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All through this story we see many examples ,there are many more than I've listed here but, these are two of the best examples in the
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