To Kill A Mockingbird Major Grade Analysis

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Major Grade Discussion Preparation Directions: Create a Google Doc titled “Major Grade Discussion Preparation.” This document should include your work for each of the steps below. Clearly label and bold each step in your document (like below). Step 1: “Color Blind or Color Brave?” Connecting Short Answer Mellody Hobson’s TED Talk “Color Blind or Color Brave?” relates to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee through the topic of racial inequality. In To Kill a Mockingbird the case of Tom Robinson is an important example of racial inequality. After the statements had been provided from either side of the case (the Ewell’s and Tom Robinson), Jem was absolutely sure that Atticus and Tom were going to win the case. In response to his rash decision,…show more content…
From descriptions throughout the book, it is clear many families fail to provide for themselves, and have little to no food or resources. Some, like the Cunninghams, adapt new and innovative ways to pay off their debts and provide for themselves. But others, as Lee shows through the Ewell’s, resort to shoplifting and illegal forms of getting food on the table. The Great Depression also brought about a sense of hard work and perseverance to the people of Maycomb. “In Defense of a Loaded Word”: The main idea of this article is that there are many names that are inappropriate to use: an example would be calling your parents by their first name. The author says that one of those many is not the n-word, as it should be. As one example is shown in the article, “the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, who is white, angrily called a black security guard a [n-word] in July”. Because this word shows up so casually in so much popular culture, it does not come as a shock when it is revealed that the word doesn’t and hasn’t disappeared. In To Kill A Mockingbird, this word is common. Every person in town uses it and until Scout begins to mature, she doesn’t realize why the word should be
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