To Kill A Mockingbird Microcosm Analysis

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Prior to my perspective of the author Harper Lee who presents an unusual narrator in her book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The narration is first person point of view with the character ‘Scout’. The child and the adult narrating the story is quite fascinating to me yet engages me of Scout’s gradual formulation, while it precludes bias and cultural conditioning.which is two serious blinders to objective judgments. So, with her perception, She has shown in the novel, the microcosm of the Maycomb society through her unknowing perspective and which leads to her perceptual growth as Scout innocently repeats what she has seen and heard by learning along the way, the implications of what she had said and, the formulating in her mind things as they should be realistically.…show more content…
My thoughts on Boo radley giving gift that would turn up in the Radley trees for the kids was quite creepy and curious as to why he would do that. Until Atticus the father of Scout and Jem proves that Tom Robinson is innocent and Bob Ewell beat Mayella, but the all white jury finds Tom guilty and he dies trying to escape. So later on Bob Ewell threatens Atticus and attacks Scout and Jem on their way home one evening. Boo Radley appears and kills Bob Ewell, and saves the children. My thoughts as i described him as Creepy before, Had changed my whole perception of him because I knew he was just looking out for Scout and Jem. I felt that he was a good person at heart and by saving their lives made me realised how incredible he is.And got thinking the famous quote” never judge a book by it’s cover”. And showed me the true meaning to this very famous quote and overall i’ll give this novel a 10/10 through the remorse shown from Boo Radley and scout perspective of ‘to Kill a Mockingbird’. I think the author Harper-lee tells her remarkable story as that is her telling her story based on her childhood of growing up in
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