To Kill A Mockingbird Miss Caroline Reputation Analysis

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The first day of anything can be daunting, they are full of suspense, anticipation and anxiety. In the Pulitzer Prize winning book,To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Miss Caroline, Jean Louise’s first grade teacher, is having the typical first day jitters and she is also not indigenous to Maycomb County. As a result of that, Miss Caroline is unaccustomed to established practices and the culture in Maycomb. All of the problems stated above lead to Miss Caroline having a more challenging first day at school than Jean Louise, commonly referred to as Scout, and she now has a bad reputation because too much was expected of her, and her students treated her with an utter lack of respect. A teacher having a good reputation is crucial. If they do not have a good reputation then many of their students will not respect them and it will start off the school year on bad terms with them. In addition to a bad reputation affecting relationships with students, it will also have an effect on teacher relationships. Miss Caroline's colleagues are not required to welcome her into
Maycomb. Scout even said “I saw her
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Miss Caroline on her first day of teaching was treated with outright disrespect. An example of a student being rude to Miss Caroline is when she asked Burris Ewell, one of the poor people in town, a question and “He gave a short contemptuous snort.” (Lee 36) Burris not answering and snorting instead is a sure sign he does not respect her. Also Burris Ewell called Miss Caroline a “...snot nosed slut…”(Lee 37), and it is apparent that he made her cry on purpose. It is apparent that Burris made her cry because in To Kill a Mocking Bird it says “He waited until he was sure she was crying, than he shuffled out of the building.” (Lee 37) If Burris had not made Miss Caroline cry on purpose it would not of been as disrespectful, however his goal was to make Miss Caroline and that is incredibly rude and
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