To Kill A Mockingbird Miss Maudie Character Traits

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The Crucial Character In Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Miss Maudie Atkinson maintains a profound influence on Scout Finch, the main character. Despite Scout's characteristic peculiarities and childhood meltdowns, Miss Maudie remains true as a friend and mentor to her. Throughout the book, she even occupies somewhat of a grandmotherly role in Scout's life. She offers her valuable instruction and loving consolation. Without a doubt, Scout occupies a special place in her heart. Miss Maudie exudes a seemingly perfect combination of benevolence, wisdom, and compassion. Through her dealings with others, Miss Maudie exhibits much kindness. Pleasing people appears to be her main desire. She especially enjoys hosting events, such as the ladies' missionary society meetings. Specifically, Miss Maudie shows special favor to Scout and her companions Jem and Dill. Setting forth irresistible kindness, she commands, "Jem Finch, I called to find out if you and your colleagues can eat some cake. Got up at five to make it, so you better say yes" (287). Miss Maudie's loving heart impacts not only Scout but also all those around her.…show more content…
A stark contrast to the neighborhood gossiper Stephanie Crawford, she speaks judicious words. She provides much-needed discernment to Scout in particular. When Scout complains about her father's supposed uselessness due to his older age as compared to the other fathers, Miss Maudie explains, "You're lucky, you know. If your father was thirty you'd find life quite different" (120). She recognizes Scout's advantage of having an older, wiser father. Miss Maudie certainly knows how to wisely console and advise
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