To Kill A Mockingbird Monologue Analysis

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“Your aunt has asked me to try and impress upon you and Jean Louise that you are not from run of the mill people, that you are the product of several generations’ gentle breeding’ …….. And that you should try to live up to your name” (pg147) But I don’t want them to be something they 're not. It’s unreasonable for society and in particular my sister to predetermine what they should and shouldn’t wear, how they should act and how they look. I know Alexandra is only trying to help, but it’s not the right thing to do. They’re just kids, they should be having fun and playing outside. So be it if Scout as a tomboy wants to join them. As long as she doesn’t continue to annoy Arthur Radley, that is. It’ll be unpleasant for them when the court case finally arrives. They are already getting antagonised by other kids at school for it, but it’s going to get much worse. I hope Scout listened to me and doesn’t fight back. She’s confused about why I’m defending Tom if everyone else is ridiculing her for her father being a ‘nigger lover’. Personally, I don’t see why being one would be considered immoral, you…show more content…
It would be arduous knowing you didn’t commit the crime, but still having to pay for it due to blatant racism in today’s society while knowing that there is almost no chance for the court to accept the plea. So in some ways, having Alexandra here to take care of the kids is a good thing. Although she doesn’t agree with me defending Tom, she still understands why I’m doing it. I just hope that Jem and Scout have grown enough to the point where they understand why. I’ve always tried to keep some things about myself from them. When they saw me shoot Tim Johnson, the dog that panicked Maycomb for the day, I think they started to see my take on the world. Before that, I could tell they were embarrassed by having me as a father because I was so old and couldn’t play or do things that other fathers could do. In some ways It made me feel like an incompetent
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