To Kill A Mockingbird Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The To Kill a Mockingbird movie and book, both have different ways to portray important key events from their plot. The movie showed specific details on the settings and also the character attire which really brought the movie together and since in the book we can't really see the story happen its gives us details on all the settings, characters, and the plot. Both show us details but have different ways of showing it. The book and movie had similar ways to show the story and also carrying it out in a manner so that it could be understood . Likewise, knowing whether the book or movie had more differences or similarities depends on how the plot is shown/carried out, the setting and the characters. The movie is very good at capturing the setting and characters from the plot and it amazingly matched the time period,the details to the settings and mostly the characters had the perfect accent to bring that whole southern essence mentioned in the plot. The movie carries out the plot well but it misses certain…show more content…
I feel that the book is much better than the movie because it gives more details and explains the story in a much better way, but again it is by preference of all the topics a reader expects in a book. To Kill a Mockingbird is a very nice story and both the movie and book explain the plot well but the book is a better choice to go by, in my opinion. In both the book and movie the plot was carried out very well and both also has good explanation of the characters and the setting. When seeing the similarities differences between the book and the movie, it is always good to have a set of aspects to see in the book. Also, the to kill a mockingbird book and movie carry out most aspects that are needed in a book or movie. Lastly, it is good to either see or read the book because it gives a sense of all the southern mishaps and good aspects during the
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