To Kill A Mockingbird Parenting Style Analysis

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Being a traditional parent doesn’t mean parenting exactly like others; doesn’t everyone have their own parenting style? In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch is a prime example of an unusual parent; he shows his kids when and when not to let pride stand in the way of whats right as well as treating people with respect despite their differences. Atticus portrays an example of a good parent. To begin, pride is one of the main reason a man/women will stand up for what is right when they know it is wrong; they will always do the right thing to help out others. Atticus — the father to Jem and Scout— teaches is children just that. First, in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus finch states, “she 's an…show more content…
They may believe: a kid should not be aloud to have a gun, a kid should not. Be aloud to walk around alone, and a kid should not be aloud to dress in overalls when they are a girl. Others may think the children disrespected Arthur –Boo– Radley. However they knew nothing about him; all they knew with the stories they were told. It wasn 't until the end of the book where they found out who he really was and form their own opinions about him. People may also say that it is dangerous for them to be walking around alone. However, Jem and Scout do not get into much trouble and when they do, they learn it was wrong and not to do it again. Lastly, many people believe Atticus is unable to take care of Scout because Aunt Alexandra had to come and help him. However, Atticus did not ask her for help or ask her to come to the house. Some people believe Atticus isn 't a great parent: his kids walk around alone, his kids disrespect Boo Radley, and his kids do not act “correctly”. On the other hand Atticus portrays many examples that prove he is a good parent.
In conclusion Atticus has many great traits that make him a good parent: he is a respectable man, he is loved by his kids, he is willing to do anything to help out anyone. He demonstrates great manners and that they— Jem and Scout— have or will soon develop. They must, respect everyone and should let pride stand out when they want to stand up for what is
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