To Kill A Mockingbird-Personal Narrative

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About a year and two months ago, I was going camping with my Boy Scout Troop. Our campground was at the Leigh High River Gap. The morning I woke up was a nice cool day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. As I walk out of my tent, I head to my friends to see what was going on. Our cook, Garvit Gupta, was making pancakes on the troop’s griddle. My friend Luke who was in charge of the trip told had already sent scouts down to search for firewood. Now they were back at the campsite asking Luke to come down with them. Instead, Luke told me to go down. So, I did. They show me this part of a fallen down tree and ask,”Is this good firewood?” I hesitated. I look around the area scoping out better firewood because I didn’t want to let the down on my disagreement. To my belief, there was nothing…show more content…
It was supposed to rain that day and we all knew it was a definite because we are Troop 89. I notice that everybody was slacking off as usually. So, I decided to head back down. We were still not done. We kept at it for about another hour. I was beginning to get nervous. First, our axe breaks leaving us with a hatchet and a really flimsy saw. The weather felt like it was about to rain. About an hour goes by and all of a sudden it begins to rain. We head back to the campsite to see if we should continue on the wood. After being told to do so, we quickly get our raincoat and head back down to the axe yard. Now we were hitting the wood like we only had an hour to live. I am on the hatchet using different techniques to create a breaking mark in the wood. About an hour goes by and the hatchet breaks. I continue to use the broken hatchet. I finally get to a point where I hit the wood with the broken hatchet in between my legs. That is when I knew I could have killed myself. I take down the axe yard bring up the broken equipment and put it away. I was scared and shocked because of what I
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