To Kill A Mockingbird Personal Statement

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I am extremely interested in Law and the way it adjusts to society. Being able to study the novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, which was about a black man who was convicted of a rape scandal yet was innocent had been given no rights to defend himself, really opened my eyes as to how society was in the past and how it has gradually changed to give equality and justice to individuals. This is what initially led me to wanting to study Law at a higher level. Studying Law will allow me to achieve my career goal in establishing myself as a lawyer.

I strongly feel that I would be well suited to a Law degree as I enjoy challenges. Studying many cases has helped me to gain good memory skills as I have been able to apply the Law using frameworks and memorise them for the exams. I have a great passion for the subject area, learning about different aspects of Law; how the English Legal System operates and its impact on society is very appealing, and thus the course interests me in countless ways. I have the ability to persuade people and I am capable of fighting a case as I am very competitive. Most of a lawyer’s work involves persuasion,
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At AS Level we focused on two topics; family and education and how these affect the lives of individuals and the consequences it eventually leads to. This is something to which I take pleasure in discussing and exploring the aspects of as I believe it improves my general knowledge of everyday life. Sociology also involves strong views held by individuals which are later debated. Sociology consists of different theories, issues and factors to which some agree with and others don’t. This led to classroom debates being held which I happily participated in. This subject has allowed me to express my opinions to others which is crucial if wanting to study Law. It has also allowed me to gain self-confidence when trying to evidence my views to
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