To Kill A Mockingbird Personality

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A recently published study by Shigehiro Oishi and colleagues at the University of Virginia showed a striking relationship between geography and personality. This proves that where you live can easily influence your personality and how you live. In Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird, a little girl named Scout gains some very prominent traits, most of which is influenced by the small town she lives in and the people in it. Scout lives in a bounded town where everyone knows everything about each other; this caused curiosity to look further into things in her town. Scout started hearing rumors about The Radley PLace,“ A baseball hit into the Radley yard was a lost ball, no questions asked”( Page 10). This eventually caused further investigation…show more content…
“ When I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I shouldn’t be doing things that required pants” (page 108). Scout grew up with her brother Jem and they always football in the yard. This was Scout’s nature because she did not know any other way to live due to having no mother. Since she was wearing pants at a Christmas dinner, her aunt got mad because it was not ladylike. All the tomboyish things that Scout enjoys doing can not be done in a dress. Scout is not much of a lady; she grew up with a brother who she did everything with. She never has a reason to wear a dress or be super ladylike. In no way does she resemble a lady, but that is just how she knew to live from the beginning. “ ‘ What are you doing in those overalls? You should be in a dress and camisole, young lady!’ “ (page 135). People have a set thought of how women should look. Most women in Maycomb do not approve of the way Scout dresses because it’s not “ladylike”. She grew in overalls and playing games that boys were meant to play in others opinions, but no one likes that because of the women stereotype. Mrs. Dubose did not approve of the way Scout dresses because she looks like a boy. The setting of where Scout grew up helped influence why she dresses that way. She did not have a mother to buy her the correct clothes or a sister to help her either. She has a brother, whom she wanted to be like. They spent so…show more content…
Nowadays, towns are bigger than they used to be and people do not have such limited towns. Due to population, places have gotten bigger and towns and are no longer as small as they used to be. It would be much harder to be interested in a town where nothing goes on. In TKaM, Scout has a small town so, she can find out more interesting things about her tight community. Her home life also influenced the way she grew up because with boys is the only way she knew to live. In conclusion, the way that Scout grew up influenced the way she lived in her small town and at
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