To Kill A Mockingbird Powerless Quotes

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In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, Power can be refer to as the ability to influence or change one’s opinion base on how an individual is being viewed by the human specie. The book, To Kill a Mockingbird, is simply about a girl, Scout, whose life is influenced both positively and negatively as a result of how society was created. In this book there is a side character, Mayella,; and because of her class and gender, she is powerless, but her race makes her powerful. With this in mind, powerless is a result of poverty, the reader can understand how Mayella’s class makes her powerless; she cannot not fit in due to her lack of money and her lack of hygiene and that makes everyone want to avoid her thus, makes her powerless. “Maycomb’s Ewells lived behind the town dump the town dump in what was once a Negro cabin….(Document A).” This sentence in a quote from Document A tells the readers that she is poor and also that she lives in a place…show more content…
“‘Except when he’s drinking?’ asked Atticus so gently that Mayella nodded(Document B).” Readers can assume that this quote is trying to convey that as a result of Mayella’s gender, a female, she is powerless and incapable of defending herself against her father, who is always beating her up when he is drunk. “We don’t know but there is circumstantial evidence to indicate that Mayella Ewell is beating savagely by someone who led exclusively with his left hand(Document B).” As stated in the last two sentences, this sentence is saying that Mayella is physically weak because of her gender, therefore, she was too feeble and could not fend herself from the savage beast, her father, that harmed her. “Mayella looked at her father, who was sitting with his chair tipped against the railing(Document B).” The reader may read this quote and infer that she relies on her father for answers because she is afraid of
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