To Kill A Mockingbird Procrastion Experience Analysis

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One experience I had with procrastination was during the summer when I was supposed to read To Kill A Mockingbird and answer questions about the book. I found this way too assignment hard and difficult so I kept putting it off until the last week of the summer. By the time it was due I was only a quarter into the project and halfway done with the book. Originally, I was excited to have this assignment. I had thought it would be so easy because I love to read and I thought that answering the questions wouldn’t be too hard. I was even bragging about how I would get the best grade on the assignment. I figured I would love the book and at once understand it.When summer started, I had read the first few chapters of the book. I had gotten an unsettling…show more content…
It wasn’t until the last week of school that I realized that I did barely any work. I immediately freaked out. Sadly though, it was too late. I only got half of the work done. That last week of summer was one of the worst weeks of my life. This was because I realized just how much time I had wasted over the summer. I figured that I could’ve had the work done by now if I just tried a little harder and had stopped putting it off. I tried so hard to get caught up but, I just didn’t have the time to read all forty-something chapters and answer all forty questions. I was so stressed out that last week. I had wrecked my last week of summer just because I wanted to just have fun instead of doing some work every once in a while. When it was due, I was ashamed of how little I got done. Thankfully the teacher had given me a couple of more days. So by the time I had turned it in it was done. Sadly though, due to all the stress I was under due to procrastinating the work in the first place, I had lost half my assignment and made a 40 on the work I did.I had a terrible experience with procrastination which ended with one of the worst grades I've ever
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