To Kill A Mockingbird Quotes And Analysis Essay

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1. The boys decide to keep their witness of Dr. Robinson’s murder a blood oath secret. They are under the assumption that if they tell anybody and injun Joe escapes his hanging that Tom and Huck will be on his kill list. “S’pose something happns and Injun Joe didn’t hang? Why he’d kill is both”. (P.67) 2. Tom has recently been going through a melancholy period of his life. This only escalates when one morning he arrives to school and finds the ultimate humiliation. Becky Thatcher gave Tom back his proposal gift as to say that she declines his proposal. “His elbow presses against something hard, picked up the object slowly to find it was the andiron brass knob. This was the finial feather that broke the camels back”. (p.72) 3. Tom finds himself
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