To Kill A Mockingbird Racial Inequality Analysis

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In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, racial inequality is touched several times. It relates to our real life situations happening today. It takes us back to when slavery was present. Today slavery is not so much a problem anymore but it still relates to us. Even in social classes there is social inequality but it is sometimes based on race too. In the book the blacks, niggers as they call them, they are not mistreated but are seen as the lower class. For example, they are the freshman in a high school and the whites are the seniors in a high school. In the novel when Tom Robinsons trail was happening on the last page of chapter 19, scout tells dill “after all he’s just a Negro”(Lee, 199). That shows that they do see the blacks different from…show more content…
In the novel not all the Negros were mistreated for example Calpurnia, the Finch family’s black maid, is treated like part of the family. The kids see her as part of the family like a second mother. When Calpurnia took the children to church with her they were treated like two other members of the church and not seen as two white kids. That displays a sign a care and not a sign of racial profiling. In todays world there are many happenings that relate to the novel. One such of the George Zimmerman case. A white man named George Zimmerman shot and killed African American Trayvon Martin causing a huge racial profiling case. Martin was said to be unarmed when Zimmerman shot and killed him. Zimmerman was let loose and proved not guilty on having acted in self-defense. This happening caused in Florida and in Florida there is Stand Your Ground Statute not allowing the police to make an arrest. The police were on Zimmerman’s side saying that he had all the right to defend himself with lethal force. During the trail it is not determined who hit who first there was not enough
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