To Kill A Mockingbird Racism Quotes

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There is a disease that can change the way you behave and can spread from any person to you. This disease is racism. The novel To Kill A Mockingbird shows how racism is like a disease spreading and infecting people, changing how they behave and act, but just like a disease is curable. Using information and evidence from the novel I will show you how the novel does this. The disease is described below. Racism can spread from one person to another. Francis is a good example of this. “If Uncle Atticus lets you run around with stray dogs, that’s his business, like Grandma says, so it ain’t your fault. I guess it ain’t your fault if Uncle Atticus is a nigger-lover besides, but I’m here to tell you it certainly does mortify the rest of the family.” Found on page 94, this quote shows how Francis catches the disease from his grandmother. Another good example is Cecil Jacobs. “My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an’ that nigger oughta hang from the water-tank!” This quote, found on page 87, shows how Cecil got the disease from his parents. The disease, racism, can spread from one…show more content…
One example of this is Mr. B. B. Underwood. Mr. B. B. Underwood is a somewhat racist man who is furious over Tom Robinson’s death. On page 275 it is quoted “He linked Tom’s death to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children, and Maycomb thought he was trying to write an editorial poetical enough to be reprinted in The Montgomery Advertiser.” A another example of this is on page 174. Scout ends up making Mr. Cunningham question what he is doing when he is trying to kill Tom Robinson. Quoted “He seemed uncomfortable; he cleared his throat and looked away.” The novel To Kill A Mockingbird does do a good job of comparing racism to a disease. After explaining my reasoning do you have the disease? The disease could have come from anyone. Has your behavior changed lately? If you do have it remember like any disease it is
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