To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Journal Analysis

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Alam 1
To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Journal
Yusra Alam
AC Language Arts 1
15 November 2015
Alam 2
Period Specific Vocabulary
Booksack noun
1. a sack that is used to carry books, like a backpack or a drawstring bag
“Francis had requested a pair of kneepants, a red leather booksack , five shirts, and an untied bow tie”(Lee 92).
Chifforobe noun
1. a piece of furniture that resembles a closet and has a space for hanging up clothes and a chest of drawers
“ ‘Well sir, I was on the porch andand he came along and, you see, there was this old chiffarobe in the yard Papa’d brought up in to chop up for kindling’ ”(Lee 205).
Corset noun
1. women’s under garment used to make their waists skinnier
“I guess it was her Sunday corset ”(Lee 145).
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She also learns the different backgrounds of the people and why each one is racist towards African Americans.
Atticus does his best to prove Tom innocent and pleads to the judge.
The trial is shown to be unfair because Mayella and her supporters obviously lie to the court, and Tom Robinson seems innocent. However, even when Atticus begs for a fair trial, the jury and the audience seem to disagree with him.
Dill cries when this happens because he realizes how biased the court system is.
Tom Robinson is pronounced guilty. Despite all the true evidence saying that he is innocent, the jury convicts him because they have the racist mentality of the town. Jem starts crying too because he is ashamed that people would let something so unfair happen. Even
Atticus explains to the children that although it is unfair, racism is a way of life.
Atticus announces the death of Tom Robinson. After Tom has been in jail many weeks, he tries to escape and is killed. Scout learns about it when trying to act grownup for her aunt. She learns that Tom’s fate was sealed and there was no hope because he was an African American in a racist caucasian town. After all this,
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Even though her teacher tells her that she should stop reading, Scout knows that something does not logically make sense with Ms. Caroline’s command to “Tell your father that I’ll take it from here and try to undo the damage” (Lee 16).
In fact, she continues to read, and because of this she is able to view the events in the town with a greater education and has less of a racist view (Lee).
Alam 8
Courage: Scout always acts to help others even when she is afraid. Over time, as she realizes how serious the situation is in her area, she goes from running from the Boo Radley house to trying the defend Atticus at the jailhouse, where “I broke away from Jem and ran as fast as I could to Atticus” (Lee 172) . Later on, she is able to try to protect Jem when he is being hit by
Bob Ewell, when she tries to get Mr. Ewell off of Jem (Lee).
Alam 9
Character Traits for Atticus Finch
Courage: Atticus is a rare man in Maycomb. He stands up for what is right even when racial prejudice isn’t on his side. Atticus defends Tom Robinson knowing that this will hurt his own reputation as a lawyer. He believes in doing what is right, and despite the criticism he knows
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