To Kill A Mockingbird Relationship Between Arthur And Boo Radley

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To Kill a Mockingbird tells the story that strangers aren 't always bad, okay, that 's not what it 's about but it does play a big role throughout the book especially at the end. While Boo is secretly watching the kids, he starts to care about them and you see proof of that by the end of the book. A main discussion that Harper Lee expresses is the relationship between Arthur (Boo) Radley and the kids, which although starts out with Jem slapping Boo’s house and getting his attention, turns out to saves both Jem, and Scout’s life by the end of their journey through Maycomb.

Throughout the first part of the book we start to see a growing “relationship” with Boo. It’s not your typical neighborly relationship, it started out with a young boy
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