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The Dangers of Revenge in To Kill a Mockingbird In my opinion in To Kill a Mockingbird revenge has a lot to do in the book. Revenge is the action of hurting, harming or getting payback at someone for doing something bad. One of the main acts of revenge in To Kill a Mockingbird is about Bob Ewell. After the Halloween pageant Jem and scout went to, they were walking home and Bob Ewell had been following them and then attacked Jem and Scout. Bob did this because he got mad at Atticus for exposing him. Atticus was questioning Bob and his daughter Mayella and started to show that Tom Robinson had been innocent this whole time of being accused of Rape. Bob and Mayella havent been telling the truth the whole time Atticus has been questioning them.…show more content…
So Atticus knows that Bob Ewell is the one who hits Mayella and not Tom. Mr. Finch asks Mayella if Bob has ever hit her and she responds with, “No, I don’t recollect if he hit me. I mean yes I do, he hit me” The next act of revenge shown is about Jem. Jem passes through Mrs. Dubose house from being downtown with Scout. Scout had a baton that she was spinning on the way home; Jem takes the Baton and hits it against Mrs. Dubose flowers. She has already known that Jem had ruined her flowers, so she talked to Atticus about it. Jem did this because of all the rude comments Mrs. Dubose said about him and his family “your fathers no better than the niggers and trash he works for!” (Chapter 135. Last sentence). Jem’s consequences were for him to read to Mrs. Dubose for two straight hours after school every day until she died. Therefore I think revenge is dangerous because the outcomes could be deadly or could end in a very bad way. Just how Bob Ewells act of revenge caused him to die, and how Jems act of revenge caused him to have a punishment he wishes he didn’t have to do. Revenge never ends in a good way, so always think before you
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