To Kill A Mockingbird Role Model Essay

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Everyone has someone they look up to, whether it be a teacher, parent, or celebrity. These role models are examples both children and adults follow, so it is important that they are surrounded by positive influences. In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, a widowed father, black maid, independent neighbor, and “drunk” man are all role models for the Finch kids. They influence Scout and Jem’s lives positively, teaching them how to be empathetic. The two major lady role models, Miss Maudie and Calpurnia, teach Scout ways to become a better person and understand her father. When Scout tries to chase Walter away, Jem invites him over for dinner. Walter pours an unusual amount of molasses on his food, and Scout calls him out on it. Because of her actions, Calpurnia drags Scout into the kitchen and tells her that it “[d]on’t matter who they are, anybody [who] sets foot in [her] house’s [her] comp[a]ny” (Lee 18). Although Calpurnia scolded Scout aggressively, she does it to help Scout perceive another’s situation. Being able to understand that not everyone has the same tastes of interests is important, and though Scout did not understand it at the time, she later discerns the meaning behind Calpurnia’s salutary lectures. Later on, during Scout and Miss Maudie’s chat on the porch, Miss Maudie explains to Scout that “sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand[s] of ... your father” (36). Scout misinterprets Miss Maudie, thinking that she is…show more content…
Jem and Scout learn a great quantity of lessons through their father and maid at home. Outside, they pick up insightful messages through their neighbors. Although children are unable to choose their parents and siblings, they are able to choose the people they look up to. The surrounding role models are important to them, for they shape the child’s values and morals and guide them through bumps in
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