To Kill A Mockingbird Role Models

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Many develop prejudices from different role models they have. In To Kill a Mocking by Harper Lee, the author tells the story of an unjust community and their bias conceptions of an innocent colored man through the eyes of a growing little girl. If an innocent colored man were convicted today, the community would fight for equality without a bigoted word. Children develop their degree of prejudice through the adults they choose as role models, which affects their judgment. Harper Lee portrays this idea through characters, setting, and point of view. Harper Lee uses different role models and characters in Jem and Scouts life to show how a child develops their own degree of prejudice, which affects their future thoughts or actions. Aunt Alexandra…show more content…
The people of town of Maycomb, a small community, feed off of each other; the choices of one person in the town teach and affect the others. Due to this when someone grows up with a high degree of prejudice locked into their thoughts and actions it influences the little kids. Many of the kids and adolescences have role models in the community that aren’t their guardians that can cause contradiction between family members and the community itself. The society of Maycomb because of these authoritative members don’t have anything to fear but their fears, “But it was a vague optimism for some of the people: Maycomb community had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself.” (Lee 6). When the Tom Robinson incident comes into town one can see that there are many ideas of who is right and wrong between the two sides. Members of this quaint little town realize that they need to fear the fear they have of others because that is affecting what happens to others. They become aware that their prejudice kills an innocent man. Seeing that this confined town is so familiar with each other expressing what they want one can see how the children of this community could be influenced by a lot of different role models in their life that can later affect their…show more content…
Through characters, setting, and point of view the author illuminates this idea. The character of Aunt Alexandra is a good example of this as she influences Jem to change his point of view of people and the color of their skin or how much money they have. The intimate town of Maycomb in itself shows how their fears influence kids and their future decisions. We see, from the innocent point of view of Scout, how much a role model affects how children think of and see people in their community and their degree of prejudice. This goes to show that this is happening in our world today, however, we need to step it up and influence the new generation to have no degree of prejudice in their thoughts and actions. We cannot keep leading each generation down a dark road of prejudice thoughts and actions that can and will cause corruption in cities and nations in the
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