To Kill A Mockingbird Roly-Polypoly

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In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, one of the many symbols is a roly-poly. In chapter 25 of To kill A Mockingbird, scout finds a bug and attempts to squish it when Jem tells her to stop. Jem says, “Don’t do that, Scout, set him out on the back steps.” Scout makes fun of Jem for being so sympathetic toward the bug. Jem being sympathetic towards the bug shows his maturity. Jem understands that it’s not just a bug. Scout still does not understand. She doesn’t look at things like that just yet. Scout says, “He’s just a Cunningham.” when she’s talking about Walter Cunningham. Scout says, “He’s just a negro.” when she’s talking about Tom Robinson. At the very end of the book, Scout finally understands. She is standing on Arthur
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