To Kill A Mockingbird Scout Character Traits

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There are many well constructed characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. The author built them from the ground up with great detail like a skyscraper with gold trim in Dubai. They all have many different traits about them that none seem alike. Scout is the main character in this book. Her real name is She is the one narrating the story, so the events are seen through her eyes. Her want for adventure, her exhilarating nature and her spunkiness sets her apart from everyone else. In to Kill a Mockingbird Scout is always looking for an adventure. She never has a boing day in Maycomb, due to this trait. She will do whatever it takes o create an exciting adventure. Whether its coming up with her own story to create and develop, or if its picking on…show more content…
She never wanted to do what she was told by people she didn 't fully respect. She puts up the fight of her life to Aunt Alexandera because she does not want to become a lady. She does everything she can to stay away from her for a while, then she just tries to stay away from it. Atticus, Scout’s father, commented that he thought that he would have more problems with Scout, because of her fighting spunky nature, than with Jem, her older brother (120). She also would go to the court case, after her father deliberately told them to not go to town. Another thing she does constantly is not let her brother do things alone. Jem would want to go do things alone, but Scout would say “no, I 'm comin’ with you”. Scout is a vital part of to Kill a Mockingbird not only because she is the point of view, but the book would be boring without her even as a supporting role. She is this prominent because of her personality and assertiveness. If Jem and Dill did not have Scout, they would probably be getting into lots of trouble and they would be the ones that are coming up with the crazy ideas and not Scout. Without Scout the entire county would be more bland than it is because of her want for adventure, her exhilarating nature, and her defiant
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