Creative Writing: To Kill A Mockingbird Shadowing

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The person I chose to shadow is my mother, Donna Isaacs. Donna is the type of person who will tell people how it is; we share almost everything with each other. Donna plays a lead role in my life, so I thought to myself "Who would be a better choice?"
Donna is a strong, independent, and caring woman. She teaches me life lessons that are actually important and relevant to society. Donna is not only my mom, but she is my best friend; there is no one else that I look up to more. When I am older, I hope to take the lessons she has given me and apply them to my life even more than I already do.
Donna works as a waitress. She started working about a month and a half ago; so far her experience has been okay, it could be better though. Almost every
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She usually gets good tips because she is nice to her customers, and she shows that she cares.
On Thursday July 20th, the restaurant was starting to close up about 30 minutes before their usual time to close and a customer walked in. He sat down in Donna’s section and she took his order. The cooks and other waitresses were angry with this
To Kill A Mockingbird Shadowing Assignment: because they wanted to go home early. They served his food mostly cold and tried to make him leave before he was finished. One of the workers started to vacuum under his feet while he was trying to eat. Donna was not having this, so she made them stop and told them that they "were NOT going to vacuum underneath this mans feet". My mom is a caring person, even to people she doesn't know. She once told me " people need to lift each other up instead of tear each other down". The other workers showed the man and
Donna a lot of disrespect, but she didn't care. She said to me after this happened
"Dynastee, you treat others how you want to be treated, no one deserves to be disrespected like that. You know they sure would not want someone to vacuum under their feet while they are trying to eat, that's just plain rude!" I have also seen Donna
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