To Kill A Mockingbird Sin Analysis

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The saying “to kill a mocking bird is sin” is a common saying back then, maybe until now it’s still being used. The saying says “killing a mocking bird is sin” because mocking birds doesn’t really do any harm they just sing out with their hearts a tune. The book refers to this saying meaning that the innocence are taken away intentionally by the the accusers or townsfolk. In the book there are two or three “mockingbirds” they were misunderstood, accused, or just fighting for justice but the townsfolk just turned their backs on them. These mocking birds are: Arthur “boo” Radley, Tom Robinson, and Atticus finch. Arthur “boo” Radley was an intelligent boy who does good deeds everywhere he went, he was polite, smart and good. But then when he was around 15 years old, he was acquainted with the Cunninghams from the north, they were like savaged animals doing things on impulse. This became an influence to Arthur, until one day they were resisting arrest from the police in the fountain square, after they were finally arrested they were brought to court which the judge sentenced them to industrial school. Industrial school wasn’t jail or shame, but for mr. Radley it was shame. He then locked Arthur inside the house never to leave the house, he was then emotionally broken who doesn’t come out from the house except for night time, this is one of the mocking birds from the book. Tom Robinson is an African-American who has been charged with rape of Mayella Ewell. He was at
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