To Kill A Mockingbird Social Injustice Research Paper

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Gerardo Bautista Period 6 10/26/16 To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Today There are many social injustices cases but they are treated differently and they involve the law but back then in the early 1300s people were treated different and people had different opinions about justice and people's rights. To Begin, in To Kill A Mockingbird they were many good people that did even better this to help people out like Tom Robinson, Tom was a Black Young man that was very helpful, he helped the white lady a lot because he thought it was the right thing to do, once he tried to help the white lady with his door and in the process she kissed him. There're many cases that show injustice and One of them is when Tom Robinson was accused of raping…show more content…
Even following the deaths of Boo's parents, Boo remained a recluse within his own home, where his mental state must have continued to deteriorate as the years passed by. This is injustice because boo is actually a really good person and he was treated wrong. a good example of is when he saved to kids. The Final figurative injustice and probably the greatest crime in the novel is when Bob Ewell tries to attack Jem and Scout. Bob tried to kill the kids because the kid's dad “Atticus” almost got Tom Robinson to look like he was innocent when he really didn't rape Mayella Ewell. This is injustice because Atticus was only doing his job and telling the truth about the case and instead of attacking him he attacked the kid that didn't have anything to do with the whole situation. This is not an injustice of the court system, it is a moral injustice when Ewell attacks the children of the man who was only doing his job and telling the truth in court. Instead of attacking Finch himself, Ewell attacks his children, who are young and had nothing to do with the
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