To Kill A Mockingbird Songs Analysis

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Some of the poems and songs can relate to other things. Some have meanings, and others are memorable. “The Road Not Taken,” “Sympathy,” “Sonnet 29,” “You’ve got to be carefully taught,” and the song “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.” All of these songs and poems relate from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” There are meanings in poems, songs, and stories. Poems and songs even represent the characters from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Characters from the book have important, special, and similar meaning from the songs and poems.

One of Elvis Presley's songs was “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.” That song was about you have to be in someone’s shoes to judge and criticize them. One of the characters for the To Kill a Mockingbird is Jem, because in one
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In the story when he was being accused and tried to show everyone he was innocent but no one believed him just like the poem the bird was suffering until at the end when it said “but a plea, that upward to heaven he flings.” On page it said that Tom Robinson escaped from prison but later he got shot.

The next character that resembles the poem “The Road Not Taken” would be Atticus because from the poem it is about that there is choices you have to make in life and once you choose something you can't go back, in the story Atticus had a choice to defend Tom Robinson or not. He decided to defend him anyway. After that most people disagree with Atticus’ choice, but in the story he explained to Scout why he chose to defend Tom Robinson, because he believes that everyone should be treated equally.

There are characters resembles from different poems and songs, like the poem you’ve got to be carefully taught that resembles Scout because she is learning things as she gets older. The meanings from the character’s personality match up with the poems and song. There is always a meaning for every songs and poem. The characters from the book have important, special, and similar meaning from the songs and
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