To Kill A Mockingbird Still Relevant Analysis

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The novel To kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee shows how prejudice and discrimination can influence a community. The story takes place in the 1930's during the Great Depression and uses the point of view of Scout a young girl to show how deeply effected the people were, both young and old by these discriminatory views. I believe that To kill a Mockingbird is still relevant today because many of the problems that happened in the book still happen today and although we are trying to stop discrimination by writing new laws and enforcing them it still occurs quite often. To Kill a Mockingbird still relates to today’s world because of issues in relation to sexism, racism and political injustices.

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In regards to this, the beliefs and norms that political figures share impact the actions of the people. In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird the subject of political injustice in demonstrated numerous times. One example of these political injustices is when Atticus is talking to a person that believes that he is wrong in defending his client accused of raping a woman. Atticus asks how he is wrong and the response of the individual is "well most folks seem to think they're right and you're wrong" (Ch.11). In this book there is a big belief that if the majority of the people think something or someway then that popular belief must be true and right. But in some cases this isn't always true and this happened when everyone thought Black people were less then them and didn't deserve respect. Also since everyone thinks this way other people think that it's wrong to think otherwise. Atticus is one of the people in the book that does not just believe what people say just because everyone is doing it but also reflects on the information. In the novel Atticus is talking about how court isn't fair and that in court "when it's a white mans word against a black mans, the white man always wins" (Ch.23). This shows that although court is supposed to be fair and just there are still a lot of biases that can change how people think about the case, which can then change the outcome of the conviction. This can lead to the innocent being imprisoned and the guilty being set free. An example of this in Modern day is how our government treated the aboriginals in Canada and oppressed their community from society. They sent them to residential schools, which enforced the government’s culture. Furthermore, society did not provide them with basic care or rights that had been given to the non-Aboriginal communities,
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