To Kill A Mockingbird Symbol Of Darkness Analysis

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In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, a man named Atticus is chosen to help a black man acused of raping Mayella Ewell. She is a 19 year old white girl, the daughter of Bob Ewell. Atticus has two kids. Their names are Jem and scout. Throughout the book, they both overcome frightening obsticals that most white kids, in the south, do not experience. Weather it is trying to get “Boo Radly” to come out, or sitting with Calpurnia in the “black section,” there is always a lesson learned. Harper Lee uses the symbol of darkness to build suspense, get readers predicting, and set up a problem, To begin, Harper lee uses the symbol of darkness to build suspense. Darkness represents evil and/or the unknown. In the novel there is a frightening character name Aurther radley. He is labled “Boo” Radly by kids. Boo has been stuck in his home for many years. He has yet to see the…show more content…
Earlier, before the trial, angry men came to the finche’s house to speak with Atticus. Scout and Jem were at the door, however atticus immediatly sent them away. They knew it was an eerie situation. One night, Atticus went out. Jem and scout we nerviuos and wondered why. They left the house, and went to find him. He was found at Tom Robinsons jail. When they arrived they found their father sitting in a chair and reading a newspaper. They were incredibly confused, although intrested. All of the sudden, “in ones and twos men got out of their cars” (pg 202). In this case, the symbol of darkness was representing an unknown situation. By using this Lee was able to reach a goal to get readers predicting. One reading the book does not know what is happening. They will wonder and try to predict when may happen next. Being that she used the symbol of darkness, and it was an unknown situation, with who they thought were evil people it really got readings wanting to know whats going to happen
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