To Kill A Mockingbird: The Power Of Choice

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Power of Choice Do you live to make the predicted choice? People can learn a lot about the power of choosing from the book To Kill a Mockingbird. In day-to-day life, opinions and images of perfection bombard the world. Unfortunately, most people do fall into worldly traps. However, no matter the situation people are strong enough to make the hard choice. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch put himself in the middle of the civil rights movement by defending a black man named Tom Robinson. In fact, in the book, Mr. Link Deas says, “You’ve got everything to lose from this, Atticus. I mean everything.” Not only did Atticus risk everything he had, he went as far as to say that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he did not defend…show more content…
Ewell swore he would harm Atticus in any way he could. One night Mr. Ewell tried to do just that by attacking Jem and Scout. After the attack Scout recalls seeing a man in the dark, “The man was walking with the staccato steps of someone carrying a load too heavy for him.” Later readers learn that the man is Boo Radley and the heavy load is Jem. This, was surprising to Scout because the stigma around Boo is that he would be the attacker. However, Boo chooses to ignore the beliefs of the townspeople and help Jem and Scout. He did not have to help, Boo could have remained in the shadows like everyone expects him to. Boo Radley saved Jem and Scout from harm because he choose to do what was right, not what people expected him to do. Some people may argue that not everyone is strong enough to make the harder choices. Some believe that not everyone was born to lead and some people 's purpose is simply to follow. To Kill a Mockingbird shows this when a mob showed up at Tom Robinson 's jail cell. Some of the mob members were under a group mentality. Mr. Cunningham shows this because throughout the scene readers can tell that he doesn’t wish harm on anybody he is just going along with the group. However, after being confronted by Scout, Mr. Cunningham realizes the depth of the situation and leaves with all the other members following close
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