To Kill A Mockingbird: The Story Of Rosa Parks

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Who in america has not heard about the story of Rosa Parks? Well, the story of Rosa Parks all started when she stepped on the bus and sat down in one of the ten seats. Rosa was not aware that the bus is allowed to have the black and whites separated. You would have thought she would have been aware of not being allowed to sit there. Rosa Parks did not know that she would get arrested and go to jail and have to face court punishments, not only did she have to go to court but she was being sent to prison for not getting up for the white man. Rosa Parks was also a member of the (NAACP), which stands for National Association of the Advancement of Colored People. If no one has heard the story of Rosa Parks, maybe people can read the story on what some people know and be able to share it with people around the world. Rosa Parks joined the…show more content…
Well, one way they are connected is because Rosa Parks wouldn’t give her seat up to a white man, in To Kill a Mockingbird Tom Robinson was accused of rapping a white woman which he really didn’t do. Back then everyone was treated differently all the white and black people were separated. When you go one a school bus first 10 rows were saved for the white kids or adults and all the black people had to sit in the back or on the other side of the bus. No matter what the situation was between Rosa Parks and the white man, Rosa Parks was taken to court over her not giving her seat up to a white man. Tom Robinson was taken to court over a white woman accusing him of rapping her, she thought it would be nice to have Tom come over when he would walk by and have him fix something in her house. She then said at court that Tom Robinson has tried to kiss her and rapped her, but he really didnt do any of that to her. Rosa Parks and Tom Robinson both got jail and prison time for her not giving her seat up and for Tom for getting ‘accused’ of rapping a white
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