To Kill A Mockingbird Tom Robinson Death Analysis

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Who’s the victim of Tom Robinson’s death? The book ended by that everyone has their own opinion, but after reading this character analysis on Tom Robinson, this article may or may not change what you think about him. He will help others when they need it that makes him a good person, Tom is also the one who went into court for a crime may or may not have created, but most importantly he’s the one who brought out Boo Radley to life from the shadows. Tom Robinson is a kind person, and also someone who went into a trial that made him bad. The author illustrates the theme of the crime through Tom Robinson death. Tom is a respectable, humble, kind Negro whom Atticus is defending against the charge that he raped Mayella Ewell,which is the daughter of Bob…show more content…
There has always been a fear of black male sexuality, perpetuated by stories of white women being raped and defiled by black men. When Mayella Ewell makes the charge of rape, Tom's judgment comes not from the facts, but the stereotypes that clouded every jury member and every citizen of the town. They do not take the time to understand Tom, but fear and hate him unfairly. The only mistake he made was that he took pity on Mayella and often helped her by helping her in the household chores that he needed help in. He pitied Mayella for her deplorable condition and so helped her whenever possible. But the racial prejudices in Maycomb county are still too dominant for this concern to be outweighed, and so Tom lost. Tom is a young, harmless, innocent, hardworking black. As Scout realizes, he would have been a fine specimen, with his left hand, which had been injured in an accident. Tom was married, with the three children and worked for Mr. Link Deas in his farm to help out. Tom is an important symbol of innocence destroyed by evil. The author illustrates the theme of the crime through Tom Robinson
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